About Us

CELLTALK is a well-known brand in the Mobile Phone Accessories industry. Celltalk is one of the best mobile phone chargers in this segment.

We have a nationwide network of satisfied distributors and dealers and growing every month.  

Our CELLTALK products are better than the chargers manufactured in China. We challenge Chinese manufacturers to compete with our quality with price. 

How we started:

Ours is a company that focuses mainly on mobile phone chargers in our brand known as CELLTALK. We are in this industry since 1995. We started with Pagers and unbranded accessories. Later we decided to introduce/manufacture good quality products of our own brand names. 

We were worried about our brand because at that moment we were the first one who introduced its own brand but no one took that risk. Everyone was selling copy/duplicate or unbranded Mobile Chargers, batteries and other accessories. 

Now, that business has grown substantially, we look back with pride at how far we have come. With perseverance and a forward-looking work attitude, we kept on forging untraveled paths to gain business knowledge that was crucial to our maturity as a company. 

Quantity not at the cost of Quality:

Quantity plays an important role to become a leader in the market but not on the cost of quality. Producing quality products at competitive prices is a big challenge for us. Most of the major manufacturers shifted to high priced products or they are still producing lower quality products. Not only Indian manufacturers but we have challenged Chinese manufacturers also to beat our product in terms of quality and prices, together. Thanks to hard-working well qualified and experienced staff and Engineers. 

Our company Blue Bell Electronics & Technologies is a member of the Consumer Electronics Association, USA and we are members of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Ltd. New York, USA. Our association with those World-Class organizations keeps us updated with the latest developments in Electronics Engineering and the telecom industry and its latest trends. 

Market response keeps us motivated. your complaints & suggestions help us to improve our product quality. 

Why BRAND is important?

A brand is all the things that have been practically stated but it is more than this. It is a symbol of any company, a vision, a lifestyle, a mission, a value set, a guarantee, an idea, an aspiration. A desirable asset that creates a direct emotional response in the aspirant or consumer. It is the added value that goes far beyond a product or a service. 

Any brand is the embodiment of everything the company, product or service represents in the mind of the person emotionally responding to the pull and attraction of the brand. It is an intangible with a powerful tangible value. Difficult and expensive to create and easy to destroy. A brand is a living creation that people respond to on a very personal and emotional level. It attracts loyalty, influence, investment, power, status, and revenue. A powerful brand is the most valuable asset a successful corporation has if it is created, developed and managed correctly. (David Bristow)