Mobile Charger Manufacturer

Mobile Charger Manufacturer

CELLTALK is a leading mobile charger Brand in India. We produce our own brand CELLTALK. In comparison to other mobile charger manufacturers we produce our PCBA in house and control our chargers and cables quality. Equipped with most of the required automatic machines, we are one of the top five mobile charger manufacturers India.

USB Chargers

CELLTALK USB Mobile Chargers comes with perfect out as mentioned on the products. Made of high quality branded components ensure safe and good quality products.

Wired Chargers

CELLTALK Wired Mobile Chargers are single wire attached with the board. High quality branded component and wire ensures safe perfect and speedy charging of your mobile phones.

usb cables

CELLTALK USB Data Cables are made of high quality input and out connectors that ensures stable power supply and data transfer to your expensive android and apple mobile phones.